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Don't Have Access To a Resume Database?

If you have resume database passwords then we will be happy to utilize them and save all resume sourced to your account, but if not we can still help. SharkStrike has access to a number of resume databases that allow you to avoid buying multiple resume database licenses.  We will not only source resumes but we will also provide you passive candidates that maybe listed on the resume as referrals or references and provide them to you.

Here is a small sampling of resume databases that we have access to.

Resume Database Mining Export

After we have sourced resume databases and acquired the resumes that you requested we will work with you to make sure you have access to these resumes immediately. We can export resumes, import resumes into an applicant tracking system, email resumes to your in-box. It's your choice, as it's our goal to provide you excellent customer service to meet your goals.

Already Have A Resume Database?

If you already have a resume database but don't have the time to update the resume database or conduct resume database mining we can help. We will mine your resume database, update your resume database and even work with you to create a successful email platform and campaign to send out to update your resume database. We will also provide you with an email marketing campaign so you can understand what people have been contacted, are still valid or not and bring your resume database current.

Free Resume Databases

When we conduct resume database searches we not only search paid resume databases, but we also source free resume databases.  One of the largest resume databases on the internet is the internet.  Their are millions of resumes available on the internet and we can source them for you.  Besides the internet we have updated access to a multitude of other free resume databases. 

Here is a partial list of free resume databases that we source candidates from.

Lee Hect Harrison Free Resume Database

Right Management Free Resume Database

Jobvertise Free Resume Database

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